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We seek to overcome the different feminine whims and respond to every need with pieces made entirely by hand by Colombian artisans in materials such as silver and bronze with 24K gold bath.

Daniela Acevedo designer of the brand, wanted to focus on a collection full of magic where nature is the main source of inspiration and reflects the subtlety and beauty of the simple, of our surroundings.

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Nature as a majestic exponent of forms is the one that inspires this collection in which the most palpable, but sometimes imperceptible of creation, stands out.

It is a collection full of colors, where the brilliance of gold and its different shades reveal subtlety and on the other hand brightly colored enamels bring joy and personality to the designs. Quality is the hallmark par excellence, reflected in materials that are 925 silver with different gold baths, colors and sizes that show that elegance is not fought with excesses.

Our designs are inspired by women and the different moments or facets of their life, as it is possible to use them on an ordinary day, on a special night or until the day dreamed by many "the wedding".

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Where does inspiration come from?

Of a symbolic imaginary, of an art legacy of ancient civilizations that has been the object of artistic appreciation. Of the color, freedom, fun, flexibility and delicacy of the one who makes figures with his body, turning his movements into a true art; of beauty and the illusion that transports us to worlds of fantasy, worlds where everything and possible, where to go further, is part of magic and where nature is one and its beings manage to communicate a single language.

From the circus, this collection is born from there, CIRCUS. A collection without limits, full of color, subtlety, elegance and above all: versatility.

Let the show begin!

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