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Amorino offers the guarantee on the products purchased, in the terms established by the Law, responding for quality defects and the good condition of the products offered. The warranty term established for products is three (03) months for jewellery made of bronze and six (06) months for jewellery made of silver (filigree). This includes parts that have been purchased in our store, by our virtual means or through one of our authorized distributors. No changes are made to products that are damaged by misuse such as shocks, use of chemicals or natural oats of materials that occur with prolonged use. In addition, the part must not have been altered or modified by a third party.

The warranty is covered by repair or change according to Amorino Jewelry's discretion.

Warranty repairs will be made within one (01) month from the date on which the jewel is received. *shipping costs will be covered by the customer*

When the part is outside the warranty time, Amorino Jewelry will offer the repair service, which will have an additional cost that varies depending on the complexity of the arrangement. *shipping costs will be covered by the customer*

It is important to clarify that our products are handmade, so they may have special and natural characteristics associated with the materials that are used in their manufacturing process and that can sometimes generate variation in texture or differences in characteristics from one product to another, which cannot be considered as a defect at any time and therefore does not apply as a guarantee.

To make the guarantee of the jewels, the customer must take into account the following:

• If the defect cannot be repaired, it will be replaced with an equal model, if it is not available, the customer may exchange it for any other jewel of the same value or greater, canceling the difference, or may request the elaboration of the piece, which will take us a period of 30 days.

• If the total change of the product to another occurs, the warranty term will begin to run again in its entirety from the time of replacement.

• The term of the legal warranty will begin to run from the delivery of the product to the customer. To resolve any warranty, the customer must write to, in the subject matter put arrangements or warranty and name. You must also send photos of the product, invoice and you will be contacted within the next 2 business days.


Please note that:

• Jewelry in promotion or discounted, have no change.

• Changes to the jewels will always be made for the value to which they have been purchased, in case the customer wishes to exchange the jewel for a higher value, he must cancel the difference.; and if it is of lower value the money is not refunded and a balance will be made in favor of the client.

• The jewel must not have been worn, and must be in the same state as it was delivered.

• Shipping must be made using the same box and/or bag in which it has been received to protect the product. In the event that it cannot be made with the box and/or bag with which it was delivered, the Customer must return it in a protective box in order for the product to arrive with the maximum possible guarantees.

• Under no circumstances has you
return of the money.

• Discounted or promotional jewelry can only be exchanged for legal guarantee. Such jewelry does not allow return.



Shipments will be made through the carriers with which we have an agreement. Once your order has been confirmed, the order is enlisted and dispatched. For products in stock, the shipment will be made within five (05) business days (if domestic shipping) of confirmed purchase. For products ordered to be manufactured, the dispatch will be made between twenty (20) to thirty (30) business days after the purchase is confirmed.